will be only valid guarantees manufacturer defect, NOT FOR PHYSICAL DAMAGE. When the product is accepted for review, does not imply acceptance of it as a commitment to accept the warranty must attach a copy of the bill Information. Tecnotienda USA, shall review mail, fill out a form detailing what the customer delivery, the same shall be reviewed and signed by customer as proof. Once the diagnosis has there warranty coverage shall inform the customer about the coverage and times approximate your mail will be arranged. If it is a non solvable problem will proceed to change appearance. In the event that the guarantee and the customer does not cover desired repair a proforma, the same to be approved by the client sending will be given a Mail [email protected] authorizing repair. The payment made ​​by the customer upon pick-up and test the equipment. Tecnotienda USA is not responsible for information contained on storage media such as internal hard drives, external, USB flash, SDC, MS, etc.. customer so we recommend you backup your information. If local customer must deliver the product to our offices in Miami. In the event that the client has major reasons for problems running your mail, consider having the warranty and can not come to our offices, you can send it to our offices in Miami, covering the shipping costs (no packets are received receivable) Tecnotienda USA