1. Exploring the Web Site, choose or select the product you wish to buy. 2. Check the Product Information (technical information) and making sure the product you buy, give a click on the button “Add to cart”. 3. Window What’s In My Cart displayed?, Where you will see the products you have decided to buy, once safe and made ​​the changes if any in click on “Checkout” to go to the next page. 4. Page appears, Please Sign In. Here you must enter your email and password if customer data or ask whether to create your account with us or buy. 5. After entering your data reaches the Shipping Details page, where you can see the direction you want to get your product. If you want to get your mail to a new address Address Change Fill and Update data confirm your delivery address and Continue. 6. It’s in the Payment Method window, check the address you leave on your bill, if you want the bill out with another address Change Management, follow the steps and Continue. Select the payment method and enter the respective number or transaction code of the Bank. For credit card payment you can go to. 7. Once you have read the Terms and Conditions of Use Confidenciabilidad, select OK and continue. 8. Once you have read the Terms and Privacy Terms of Use tick each box and continue. 9. You are now ready (a) to buy. Confirm the amount to be paid. If you have any change in delivery or billing address, product (s) or payment, select (change) and proceed to change desired. Transaction Code Check at the end of the page. Once assured that all data is correct Confirm. 10. After the purchase, leave a window of acceptance indicating that Your Order Has Been Processed. If the information entered is correct you will receive a notification email which will confirm that you entered the entered addresses, order value payable and confirmation code.